If you just mod it directly then it stops PiStar doing any further updates,  MMDVM JumboSPOT board: Mods you may need. Post using Markdown with syntax highlighting. 09x is primarily aimed at Nextion LCD support. I've tried everything here and it works, but there also are other methods, which you can find by searching online. Ideal for Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Forestry and Security operations. Actually this very transceiver was used as an echolink node for approx 2 years 24/7 with no issues at all, even though the transceiver was located in a hot and humid room during the summer that the air temp was reaching 37C! Yaesu DR-2X Repeater, Yaesu DR2X. . It started out as an EchoLink application for Linux back in 2003 but have now evolved to be something much more advanced. Jump to. As Jim reports, a minor modification allows existing code plugs to be used, making programming very simple. Feb 10, 2017 · There has been quite a bit of interest on the Round Table about the K6PUW MMDVM multi-mode repeater. By repeating C4FM digital data as it is via the Internet, users can enjoy clear voice communications even if they are thousands of miles away each other. This is the main category list for all MikuMikuDance models. com for any questions or corrections. Jeff can be contacted by email at the last two letters of his callsign immediately followed by . Working Skip trial 1 month free. Shop best silver Mini MMDVM Hotspot Expansion Board Spot Radio Station Wifi Digital Voice Modem with Case for P25 DMR YSF Raspberry Pi for sale, There are various discounts waiting for you | Tomtop. Jul 03, 2017 · Get YouTube without the ads. Unofficial Guide to Elecraft K2 Mod's I started this guide when the number of modifications on the Elecraft email reflector started to overwhelm me, and I could no longer find modifications or determine whether they were important to do or not. Mods will remove posts and comments at their discretion for violating this. Proudly powered by Einstein aka PD2EMC :) Homebrew > MMDVM Attention Ebay buyers and sellers: If you are buying or selling a MaxTrac, Radius mobile, or GM300 you need to read the warning on this page. 95 Previous Model: DR-1X DR-2X Auto Mode The TYT MD-9600 dual band VHF and UHF DMR mobile radio. Display The radio has a two color display. I had huge problems with less than a Microamp of DC leakage through a faulty DC blocking capacitor before I discovered it. BrandMeister CQWW Roundup is starting at 16h UTC on TG 91 (Worldwide) Listen on HoseLine LastHeard on TG91 Click the slice of the pie to see more details Hi all, in this article i will be explainning how to connect your Yaesu FT-1907(uhf) or Yaesu FT-1900(vhf) to an mmdvm board. Contact Rob at: robinette at comcast dot net. Click the SYSTEM BUTTON and go to the GET UPDATES Section on the System Screen. 08 (16x02 Parallel, 20x04 Parallel, 16x02 I2C, 20x04 I2C, 16x02 Dual LCD with I2C). https ://www. The MMDVM connected to two FM radios can make a DV repeater and be multi-mode with auto detect. May 03, 2016 · Today saw the arrival of the MMDVM and Arduino from Bruce in Canada. a. 097). Configure sudo nano MMDVM. A follow-up to the  17 Jul 2018, Mod Kenwood TS-2000 for use in DMR as MMDVM station. Something is slightly off with the OpenSPOT transmitter timing under . I did make a couple of mods to mine. Raspberry Pi 3 (Amazon) $39-45ea 2. Preparing Raspberry Pi to run the MMDVM host application Guide Written by: Chris Andrist, KC7WSU Raspberry Pi Install Guide Pdf. This user guide describes the way a standard radio works. Motorola GM 350 (GM350 GM-350) transceivers mods reviews programming software and diagrams D-Star setup with Icom ID880H The 880H supports a couple of different approaches to using DSTAR: regular memories, each one holding repeater info plus one UR, RPT1, RPT2, MY combination, with the DV mode selected My name is Jason and I have been a Ham Operator in North Texas since 1994. Anytone AT-D868UV Digital DMR Dual-band Handheld Commercial Radio VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with 1. DR-1(X) Repeater Modifications Mo d i f i ca t i o n s t o i mp ro ve t h e h e a l t h a n d l o n g e vi t y o f t h e re p e a t e r Radio Repeaters category is a curation of 20 web resources on , MMDVM Digital Repeater DIY, An Inexpensive PL Tone Encoder, Build a Repeater Controller. Headphone & Cable Mods are here. Your FM radio choice can make or break the project. Jun 03, 2018 · MMDVM JumboSPOT board: Mods you may need This is the JumboSPOT board that was/is sold on ebay and other online places. We are also happy to provide hotspot access to our network via our IPSC2 Server for most hotspots, like those that are Pi-Star based simply set your DMR Master to “DMR+_IPSC-CAN-TRBO”. Its is a Digital gateway made with a MMDVM V1. I don’t find your email anywhere, and I know that is a long shot but anyway, I have a Motorola GM300 UHF radio (M34GMC29C3AA, HLE 8300A2 board) which I will use for MMDVM TX station. fi Call Sign Lookup. DMR BREAKFAST – What does this mean? When is the next DMR Breakfast? 1. 1- drilled a hole directly above the reset button on the top cover so i Buon giorno a tutto lo staff. MMDVM hotspot assembled by G7RPG - Duration: 3:47. Aug 03, 2015 · 25-Feb-2016 Update. APRS. 004 and dm380tools flashes the mods to that Barron County Amateur Radio Association Thursday Night Net. Shop best 2018 Duplex MMDVM Hotspot Module Support P25 DMR YSF OLED for sale, There are various discounts waiting for you | Tomtop. MMDVM HotSpot: firmware for ZUMspot or MMDVM_HS based boards #define ENABLE_P25_WIDE: enable support for Motorola Wide P25 mod/demod in  Amazon. 13 Jul 2018 11 Nov 2008, Kenwood TS-2000 10. This small modification allows you to use your TS-2000 MMDVM Hotspot is an easy, convenient and ready to use Multi-mode Hotspot that supports C4FM YSF NXDN DSTAR P25 DMR I did make a couple of mods to mine. This condition occurs with my mmdvm hotspot as well as with the local repeater. 6 modem transceiver,  Ham-friendly Firmware Mods for the MaxTrac By Robert Meister WA1MIK What to change in the firmware to deal with out-of-band operation. Available radio equipment brands: Yaesu, Wouxun, QYT, Diamond Antenna, TYT, Uniden, Anytone et Nissei. BridgeCom Systems provides excellent customer support on our products at NO CHARGE. commonly called the ZUM board, from its creator KI6ZUM Also there is another board based on the same design with a few mods (Connectors & Layout) called the N8th board from SP8NTH. The numbers next to the category name, means there is subcategory with in. Of origin this rig does not accept correctly the signals DMR in TX, nevertheless if it works well for RX. This board along with a Rasberry Pi Zero and a SD card loaded with PiStar makes up a Digital Radio Hotspot. More detailed info will be added in the future, in the meantime direct any questions to admin team. Add Review × YAESU DR-1X 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater. Or were the issues resolved with D14. 02 IT. Useful DMR (TYT MD-380) Stuff… By John Ray G8DZH 21st October 2015 Version 0. 99 with fast free shipping. WiFi Digital Voice Modem for MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio I did make a couple of mods to mine. May 24, 2011 · QRPp: Ultra low power operation with the Pixie 2 QRPp is radio amateur jargon for communication using a transmitter with less than 1 Watt power output. The TYT MD-9600 is a dual band (VHF and UHF) DMR mobile radio from TYT – a Chinese manufacturer of value priced DMR equipment. To make our adjustments, your transceivers must be connected to the MMDVM filter shield. FT8800 MH48 audio mods by KC9BZX Some users may find that the MH-48 microphone supplied with the FT-8900 gives a very pronounced bass response. com/EA5SW/OLED_mods #MMDVM # DMR  WiFi Digital Voice Modem for MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station Mode DSTAR P25 DMR: Amazon. The main background is a sky blue with dark blue icons. 126 near flawless decoding on the TYT MD-380, only the very random dropout. Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! The Best Deals on Ham Radio Amplifiers, Ham Radio Receivers, Ham Radio Transceivers, Ham Radio Transmitters, Other Ham Radio Equipment. This can be challenging to do well. DMR CODEPLUG DOWNLOADS. Yaesu DR-2X Repeater. 24 Jun 2018 Hello all, just curious to know if there were any Ham Radio operators using Orange Pi and if anyone has built a MMDVM Hotspot using Orange  3 Jun 2018 Now, I have some MMDVM hotspots (DVMega, Zumspot, Duplex . The GM950 also has its own RSS. The YAESU DR-1X is a digital/conventional FM dual mode repeater that covers the VHF and UHF amateur radio bands. I ask you to carefully review the differences from . Full Github integration keeps people up to date on development of your open source project. Some Chinese hotspot users have reported that after upgrading the MMDVM modem board firmware their hotspots have quit working. I created this website with the hopes of building a new Amateur Radio supply source in DFW, and in Texas overall. Equipment warranty 100% original manufacturer. While the full set of DMR-MARC Talkgroups are not accessable at this time, the ones for this region do work well. mods for OLED Screens: https://github. We will strive to maintain a fair, inclusive, and positive atmosphere, but we can't please all of the people, all of the time. 11. Now lets go through each of the features and talk about each of the modes and why I rated them the way I did. Sono in possesso di un GM360 che mi hanno regalato perchè non riceve e non trasmette. 126 and . 22 May 2018 Hi all, in this article i will be explainning how to connect your Yaesu FT-1907(uhf) or Yaesu FT-1900(vhf) to an mmdvm board. jpg MMDVM HS HAT DUPLEX. MMDVM HotSpot. 4,000 Channels with 10,000 Talk Groups. As per Toufik, F0DEI there were some interesting modifications to make in order to improve the results as well as to get rid of smelly evaporations. 1981 World Champion US Helicopter Team Website . 1 KB] As of late, I am hearing a number of stations on the P25 reflectors that are bridging networks like Allstar or DMR to the P25 reflectors. Therefore, this is some info. ld Separating linker script for F722 and F767 Nov 4, 2017 stm32f767_link. MD-2017. So I started to think to a “DIY” solution. sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi-php. 8. Pi-Star is a very good front end for MMDVM Host. Installing MMDVM on an STM32F4 NUCLEO board and assembling an interface shield. Call Sign Query. zip in the Yahoo MMDVM files/Hardware area. Why not get GMSK board route and save tons of money? Answer: * Want to turn my IC7000 analog into a D-STAR mobile Radio not a Hot Spot. Our net is held Thursday evenings at 7PM. So now, I have a couple of tasks to complete: Make patch cables; Do a Linux / MMDVMHost build for the RPi. Rasbian fully ipdated (including kernel fixed for "Dirty Cow" Fed up of of auto-link to REF001 C failing when the REF system changes IP? Yes me too, so it automatically keeps the information up to date no more auto-link {{modal_header}} MD5 {{md5_sum}} SHA1 {{sha1_sum}} Apr 12, 2018 · I can confirm the FT817 fitted with the TXCO works well in the DMR mode on my gateway MB6IRV No mods were required just fed the signal from my MMDVM board into the MINI D data socket. Early effort requires major re-work of mk-dmrlink as well as mods to the . net provides recognition and enjoyment to the people who use, contribute, and build the site. MD380Tools is a patched firmware distribution for the Tytera MD380. 01uF ceramic capacitor. The ID-4100A is very user friendly and the full dot-matrix display gives the user the ability to see a lot of information on the screen. DMR has exploded in popularity recently, one of the main reasons for this is its affordability! The Radioddity GD77 DMR & FM Dual Band Handheld Transceiver is one of the cheapest of all the DMR tier 2 mototrbo compatible radios, you can purchase this radio directly from Radioddity for around £70. MMDVM is an open-source Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem MMDVM Raspberry Pi Install Guide Pdf. This article also applies to: Yaesu FT-7800, FT-7900, FT-8100, FT-8800, and FT-8900. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. I picked up transceiver radios several years as a new hobby. The MMDVM_HS_HAT_DUPLEX worked fine out of the box on YSM, D-STAR and P25 but I had to set a TXOffset of 1220 and RXOffset of 1340 (+1. MB6EL – Elgin – MMDVM Multi-Mode Gateway; MB6FU – Nairn – MMDVM Multi-Mode Gateway; BrandMeister. Icom SP-30 20W Large External Speaker. Nextion G0FEA. The T-3A Firefly story is here. To enter the Alignment mode: Connect the PANEL-UNIT to TX-MAIN-UNIT and RX-MAIN-UNIT. This board  Mmdvm hs dual hat. It contains all the artwork for you to edit or enlarge for different screen sizes. Some quick points, Hytera is the parent to HYT but NOT TYT. 22/1. [:fr][nextpage title="Introduction"]A la suite de mon article vous présentant ce qu'est MMDVM et toutes les étapes d'installation du Firmware MMDVM sur la carte Arduino Due, voici l'article qui I will be be getting one of the latest boards from the MMDVM group. Here is a link to all you wanted to know about Hytera. For The DV4mini is an amateur radio a digital UHF hot spot for DMR D-Star and C4FM. If the message is relate to an article, the article can be selected next to each message. Oct 25, 2016 · This is a really awesome little device. MMDVM Nano Hotspot | DMR D-Star C4FM POCSAG P25 NX. That being said. Switching between Protocol-Homebrew and MMDVM, I have no idea how the followings settings do apply to the different networks (BM vs. The CDM radios are programmed by HVN9025 Professional Radio CPS which runs under Windows 95, 98, XP and 7. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. I attempted to program the radio through my computer and when I turn it on it has a continuous tone and the screen says "Unprogrammed". Radioddity GD77 DMR & FM Dual Band Handheld transceiver review. There is a famous article on hackaday (See Sep 12, 2018 · Ian KD8CEC has now given us part 2 of his description of the latest firmware update (v1. The Gun Recoil Calculator is here. 3 Jun 2018 MMDVM JumboSPOT board: Mods you may need. I will have a few of the version 6. This Icon update appears to be the same version that was released on August 28, so it may not need to be installed, if you are up to date. Actually this very  7 May 2017 Let's see how to tune and set MMDVM and the TM8100 transceivers of TAIT mark so that your repeater works in DMR mode. It's an easy task to reduce the bass response and give your TX audio a more balanced quality. The GM350 has its own RSS and are a PL/Singletone only version of the GM950. DMR+) and where (TG, TS) I'm currently receiving or transmitting. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The TYT MD-2017 is a true Dual Band band (UHF / VHF) DMR handheld with dual mode capability that can be used as either an FM analog transceiver or Tier II DMR digital. A large number of fixes to the control / admin pannels. io is great for those. Icom MBF-4 Main Unit Mounting Bracket. 14 Oct 2019 not for MMDVM Repeater HAT, adjust external radio frequency offset and . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station Wifi Digital Voice Modem P25 DMR Hotspot Support YSF Raspberry Pie OLED Antenna at Amazon. Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace Only US$47. WARNING: When installing or removing the Review TYT MD-9600- Miklor. Don’t see what you’re looking for below, contact us DV4mini Control Panel 20151215 and newer on all platforms. Whether you are preparing for an unfortunate situation where the phone lines are down, or simply taking up amateur radio as a hobby, there are numerous types and models for all ham radio users. Order #6669 List Price: $2000. This unit packs many features, including, dual band VHF (136 – 174 MHz) and UHF (400 – 480 MHz) operation, loud This page assumes you know what a MMDVM (Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem) is, but not how to use it or put it together. Nextion 2. Search RobRobinette. Transcievers Interfacing the MMDVM to a pair of CDM 1250 Uhf Radios By: Mark K Ward N6IB The Shopping List for your Home-Brew MMDVM Repeater Project using Motorola CDM 1250 Uhf radios Before we attempt getting started on this project, you will first need go shopping for a few essentials before beginning: 1. GM350 4 CHANNEL MMDVM MOD Peter Kendall. Icom VS-3 Bluetooth Headset. com Only US$49. Prototype Development & satellite's. com/watch?v=ApAtSd4AEP0&sns=em. radios from Motorola are nowadays very common and there are now, discarded many old devices. They had to adjust their RXOffset and TXOffset to get Additional information regarding the above out of band mods A short PDF file compiled by James Lawrence NA5RC. Proudly powered by Einstein aka PD2EMC :) 20 Jul 2019 in the same way as the simplex MMDVM “Hat” board – For DMR only I have read and mod the MMDVM firmware/host software in the last  1 Nov 2018 MMDVM hotspot – hardware network switch . Amateur Radio Projects and Software Defined Radio. As it was on this day that the technical team supporting the repeaters at the VA3XPR-1 repeater site, including those operating under the call signs VE3YYZ, VE3WOO … Read More » The MCX600 is the Asia version of the GM600 which is the MPT version of the GM350/950. May 10, 2019 · Jumbo SPOT MMDVM Review. Received today a note from Robin G1MHU who is a support tech at Ham Radio Deluxe LLC. MMDVM Multi Mode working well with the current DVMega 3. LED Mod on Pi Star MMDVM Board Backlit Blue Lights on Duel Nano Spot. The silkscreen is properly placed and our callsigns are clearly readable. MICRO-NODE INTERNATIONAL: IRLP, AllStar, EchoLink, D-Star, C4FM, DMR, & P25, NXDN, POCSAG Plug & Play Embedded Hotspot Solutions This forum message list include all message for that is related to TS-2000, this include message that also is related to articles. eHam. Then after  4 Dec 2016 sudo mkdir /var/log/MMDVM. One of the latest crazes in the world of DMR radio is the Chinese iteration of the DMR hotspot. BM Dashboard; BM Edinburgh Chat TG 235444; BM Reflector 4405 Live Activity; BM Talkgroups; Contact Form; DMR Breakfast. 126. Find out why Close. Anytone DMR 868 - 878 - 578 Useful links, to help you get stated on your Radio. MMDVM. Oct 24, 2019 · stm32f4xx_link. 340kHz) to get DMR working. Alex Mason on Network Radio – Is it real Ham Radio? Apr 09, 2014 · Introduction If Alinco’s DX-R8 receiver and the DX-SR8 had a child, it would be the DX-SR9. 2,589 likes · 3 talking about this. Tuning the DMR transmission. Take a moment to check your wire-to-wire connections before you start the settings (Rx Audio, Squelch, Tx Audio, PTT and Ground). All memes must use the MEME flair. Icom OPC-589 Mic Adapter (modular to 8-pin mic). The latest Tweets from dvrprt_v1 (@MYT_DMR) Nov 09, 2017 · Amateur (Ham) Radio (Yaesu FT-991A) in Digital Mode (FLDigi) on Mac OSX (Yosemite) Leave a reply. 9 MHz IF output mod. 1. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. FT-991A Transceiver pdf manual download. After some research on the internet, I found something almost ready, but it was quite expensive and was not easy to customize. Software cps per radio Motorola Area DMR file Vari Area Old Motorola CPS Area DMR Palmari Area DMR veicolari Area D-Star Area DMR firmware Area DMR HD1 Torna Indietro GM1200 GP350 GM350 GM300 GM950 GP320, GP330, GP340, GP344, GP360, GP380, GP388, GP366, GM340, GM360, GM380, GM660 GM900 Repeater MTR […] Groups. com: MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station Wifi Digital Voice Modem P25 DMR YSF DSTAR P25 OLED Antenna: I did make a couple of mods to mine. The AnyTone D858 is a great radio, with quality and signal reports comparable to the Motorola units I have used. Home. Supports Nextion LCD (Graphic LCD) from Version 1. It has the name “MMDVM_HS_Hat” on it in the upper right part. 715 PL Tone 110. ld Separating linker script for F722 and F767 Nov 4, 2017 This is the source code of the MMDVM firmware that Dec 27, 2019 · These are the source files for building the MMDVMHost, the program that interfaces to the MMDVM or DVMega on the one side, and a suitable network on the other. Dec 30, 2019 · World's leading amateur radio web site with news, technical articles, discussions, practice exams and more. The principal attraction? Low cost. jpg . JumboSpot iRTQ Mini - a MMDVM Chinese Copy This is a Ebay/china MMDVM "copycat" product: "32Bit MMDVM Hotspot Module+OLED Antenna Support P25 DMR YSF+Raspberry" MMDVM Hotspot with the Rasperry Pi Zero mouinted in a Case I have used Motorola HTs, CS 700 HTs, and a Motorola mobile DMR radio. 00 Your Price: $1699. ini. All of these modes are easy to use. 13 Sep 2008  2 Oct 2018 the benefits of an openSpot or other MMDVM client to IPSC directly. TRBO) is a Motorola Solutions branded DMR Radio. I bought the rig of a guy on the internet for about £180 second WIRES-X supports the C4FM digital and the clear and crisp voice technology enables high sound quality. Early Sunday morning 6AM Central time, there were two stations that were bridging Allstar to P25 with the result being horrible audio. ca: Electronics. This board along with a  19 Jul 2018 7/19/2018 – This is one of my latest projects made in about an hour. by private calling 9999991 or 9999992 (examples only) that way there are no hardware mods,  10 May 2019 I had read several horror stories on the internet regarding Jumbo spot (which many call "ChinaSpot") and they are downright scary. zip Compressed archive in ZIP format [722. Pi-Star. View and Download Yaesu FT-7800R operating manual online. MD380Tools. DR1x Squelch Alignment Procedure Internal System Alignment Routine This uses a programmed routine in the transceiver which simplifies many previously complex discrete component settings and adjustments with digitally-controlled settings via Microphone buttons. Listed under the Technical Reference/Repeater category that is about Radio Repeaters. 7456MHz TCXO. Amateur radio and ham radio item search by products, brand, category, and price. I’ve found maintaining codeplugs to be strangely therapeutic… I also think i found a bug in Contact Manager 1. For the latest MMDVM_HS_Hat project by me and Mathis, DB9MAT I arranged for a reflow oven model T-962 which is a good assistant for SMD soldering work. # sudo service lighttpd  XLX is a D-Star Reflector System for Ham Radio Operators. Labels: andre vanier  Contact Ham · Contact Form · Contact Pad. The design concept is simple, provide the complex services and configuration for Digial Voice on Amateur radio in a way that makes it easily accessable to anyone just starting out, but make it configurable enough to be interesting for those of us who cant help but tinker. März 2018 Mein Interesse galt einer sehr kleinen Dualband MMDVM HotSpot Platine, JumboSpot genannt, zu dem es passende Gehäuse in schwarz und  MMDVM Hotspot Antenna Case OLED Support P25 DMR YSF Raspberry Pi Set #Radio - Raspberry Pi Internet Radio - Mancave (PC Mods & Crafts) - #Crafts  WiFi Digital Voice Modem for MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station Mode Manufacturer reference, Hotspot MMDVM . Here's the trick to allow your Anytone AT-578UVIII tri-band amateur-only bands mobile to transmit and receive on Part 90 frequencies (not legal, mind you, as there is a Part 90 version that is legal). Due to the lack of Digital Mode repeaters around my home QTH, I had been running MMDVM hotspots built around Philips / Simoco PRM80s on 2mx and Philips FM92’s on 70cm for around a year, with G4KLX based DSTAR hotspots using soundcards or DV-RPTR boards for several years prior to that. Zumspot & MMDVM Hotspot page. Sep 28, 2017 · Easy to embed the readings in the MMDVM Dashboard, possibly using gauges or similar nice graphic indicators. Aug 31, 2014 · Just knock it off. If any of those have some kind of text feature (I think DMR does) then it would be possible to do such a thing; but that's not really Pi-Star or MMDVM and is more of the inherent feature of a mode. Therefore I would like to run (like presently with MMDVMHost) Describe your experience with the Yaesu DR-1 (X) and tell us why you give it the rating you did (required). The C-141 DASH-2 is here . Enter The Followng URL in the SERVER Text-Box: Click The GET UPDATES Button. May 22, 2018 · Hi all, in this article i will be explainning how to connect your Yaesu FT-1907(uhf) or Yaesu FT-1900(vhf) to an mmdvm board. mmdvm zumspot and MMDVM-Pi (jumbospot) DMR repeater construction building p has 4,237 members. You can connect dupont wires to create a circuit yourself, or attach an add-on board or HAT designed for a specific purpose. It also includes an Icon update. For example, Repeater list or GPS position are clearly arranged and easy to read. It runs on a Raspberry Pi and is a web page based control panel for MMDVM Host. My Photography Gallery is here. Aug 19, 2016 · Soldering Fingers by mistertech is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. Out of the Box DR‐1 Interface Assistance in setting up a Yaesu Fusion DR­1(X) repeater DO NOT COPY AND POST THIS DOCUMENT TO ANOTHER SITE Headphone & Cable Mods are here. UHF RX TX work with 128ch variant and PCB mod (2E0TSP). Icom OPC-440 16ft Microphone Extension Cable. To perform the modification, you will need a . Usually this is a tricky task that sometimes involves mods to the hardware (solder jumpers) or to install complicated software. The first one is an original board revision 1. Any Motorola prices mentioned on this page (or on any page at this web site) should be taken only as a rough guideline. Note the mods required to open the links for Pi-Star. They come in two flavours, 4 channels without LCD and 128ch with LCD. Thus this board is the "MMDVM_HS_Hat board (14. If you have a Nextion display, and add a second arduino you can have a higher quality s-meter and multi-band signal monitor on your µBITx. k. GigaParts - Your trusted source for Amateur Radio, Computers and More! Nov 22, 2016 · SDRPlay RSP2 Review . Since standard operation may be changed by programming, the way your radio operates may differ slightly from what is described here. [James Bruton] OpenDog remains one of the most impressive home-built robotics projects we’ve seen here on Hackaday, and it’s a gift that just keeps on giving. They are maintained by Jeff ZL2JG. Additional note by VK2AMV, Be very careful of DC leakage into buffer effecting Op Amp DC bias. Memory Programming for a DVAP Using an ID-31A/51A John Davis, WB4QDX There are two ways to program memories in an Icom ID-31 or ID-51 handheld. On December 31st, Toronto area hams got a late Christmas present that would greatly improve their ham radio operations in 2017 and beyond. Starting version 20151215 beta DV4mini software has build-in support of BrandMeister. Great job!!! I was looking for a solution how to connect and I found you video. How does this all work? MOTOTRBO (a. Buy WiFi Digital Voice Modem for MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station Mode DSTAR P25 DMR at Amazon UK. Echolink and much more with your Raspberry Pi. PCB Mod. Oct 29, 2019 · This update includes the latest Firmware update, Programming Software, Firmware Update Software, Windows Driver and etc. ld New linker script file for SMT32F4XX, some minor changes on Makefile Nov 13, 2016 stm32f722_link. A "portal" that hams think of as the first place to go for information, to exchange ideas, and be part of what’s happening with ham radio on the Internet. Hytera prides itself on being the world leader in DMR Tier II and III standards based systems. Recent Comments. 0 boards here shortly to test and play with. 7456MHz TCXO)" Building an MMDVM based Quad Mode Digital and and SVXlink Analog Repeater using a Kenwood TKR-850. DUAL BAND FM TRANSCEIVER. That’s less than a handheld GSM mobile phone (max wireless range ~35 km) or a flash light. 2 manufactured by us. Proudly powered by Einstein aka PD2EMC :) I received my MD9600 a few days ago and have installed the updates and went through the process as stated above. rp580-1. Resources listed under Repeater category belongs to Technical Reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Ho cambiato alcuni segni di spunta sul software CPS R03. 9. Hardware Bootloader. I'm not using MMDVM nor a dongle, so I don't know about their interfaces and options. This is the JumboSPOT board that was/is sold on ebay and other online places. The DX-SR9 inherits the brains of the DX-R8 and the brawn of the DX-SR8 to create the DX-SR9 hybrid amateur radio transceiver. The moderators have the final say. This net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and check in’s are always welcome. This thread is for questions, comments and discussion of the various aspects of multi-mode repeaters. HF/VHF/UHF, All Mode C4FM/FM. From a recent introduction to DMR, and the TYT MD-380, by Dave M0TAZ at a September LEFARS meeting, Motorola Hacking Software HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,000,000 members and growing! For your convenience HowardForums is divided into 7 main sections; marketplace, phone manufacturers, carriers, smartphones/PDAs, general phone discussion, buy sell trade and general discussions. The subcategory "Terms and Conditions" separates the model based on the rules and guidelines set by the model creator. Build a repeater from TYT- TH9000 Mobile Transceivers Dan went on to state “The TYT TH9000 has a plastic cover hiding a machined opening to fit a 9 pin serial port , complete with 2 threaded holes to mount a serial port”. If you want to make the most out of your Motorola equipment, follow the link you like the most!! NOTE: Most of the information in here has come from service manuals which you can order directly from Motorola (1-800-422-4210) for a reasonable price (usually). Ease Of Use. com I've tried this again since . Good work Roger, have you considered adding some scripting to the Pi-Star remote commands so that the swapping on modes could be done remotely by private calling 9999991 or 9999992 (examples only) that way there are no hardware mods, I do understand it will be harder for the user to know what mode there hotspot is in and have to rely on memory To help distinguish between an orginal #MMDVM_HS_Hat and a clone have a look at the two pics below. Before Buying a DMR Radio. youtube. Building a Digital Mobile Radio Repeater Part 1: MMDVM. Jun 23, 2015 · Posted on May 9, 2015 by John Hays in News, UDRC Universal Digital Radio Controller Here at NW Digital Radio we are always looking at ways to enhance digital communications for the radio amateur. [General] . Like other digital modes such as D-Star, C4FM and APCO P25, the TRBO protocol converts your voice into a digital form and sends it out via RF (with other bits of information included) and allows you to communicate to other DMR radios and also DMR repeaters, which are networked together around the world Disclaimer: These are my personal notes based on my experience setting up my own TH-D74A, specifically for use with my ZUMspot, MMDVM_HS_Hat, and DVMEGA hotspots. the mmdvm is a device that interfaces pc to radios can be used with a raspberry pi turning a normal analog radios into a digital node connected to the internet or very simply as a digital repeater . As with many other manufacturers in the electrical sector, is also here, the helpfulness and the service was not very good and friendly (zumindist if you want to make something of himself ), but on here I will not elaborate. We offer a selection of equipment for radio amateur, professional and passionate radio such as Walkie-Talkie, Antennas, Mobile VHF & UHF, VHF Marine and Aviation, PMR446, HF / 50Mhz, CB 27Mhz, digital radio DMR, hotspot MMDVM, scanner and power supply. DMR Breakfast 8th Dec 2018; DMR Breakfast 20 Ham & Amateur Radio Electronics. The repeater is running on an Arduino #MMDVM with the #DStar correlator . 23 — if I make a bunch of zone changes I can corrupt the file and crash Contact Manager, so I save often. com. * GMSK board, Rasberry PI, Computer, DVAP application, Analog FM radio are only a Hot Spot that requires Internet to go to a DSTAR reflector. waikanae@gmail. 127 has been made the current stable release apparently. It supports D-Star, DMR, P25 Phase 1, NXDN, System Fusion, and POCSAG paging on the MMDVM, and D-Star, DMR, and System Fusion on the DVMega N4IRS See Tait Series II data modifications. To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet. The Icom ID-4100A offers users the ability to pick between 4 backlight colors such as white, green, amber or blue. The Nano Hotspot is supplied assembled and tested before sending , it allows to have a digital access point MMDVM like: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, NXDN & POCSAG for MD-380 Codeplug Files: *NOTE* The codeplug below have had the user ID reset. Since then we have become the largest manufacturer of Amateur, CB, and Scanner antennas and accessories in the UK We are also the largest local authorised dealer for Alinco, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu and Wouxun The Raspberry Pi’s GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) allows it to talk to ‘real world things’ – other hardware and electronics – by using code to tell these things what to do and when. 127 that is not happening with . This allows users to filter them if they choose. It adds support for a number of features including promiscuous mode, a CallerID database, USB logging, and Morse code narration. 12. uBITX CEC Firmware supports various LCD since Version 1. It allows you to take two analog radios (MCS2000 for example) and make a digital (DMR, P25, DSTAR, or YSF) repeater with them. VHF RX TX work (SQ9MYX), UHF RX TX work with 128ch variant and PCB mod (2E0TSP). Works really well/made a few mods. This page contains video, instructions and FAQ about this product. Andy has the TX and RX setup and on soak test. These codeplugs are for the New Zealand AREC ZL-TRBO UHF network. I've had my MMDVM repeater VE1UHF, and sometimes one of my Hotspots on that network for the past few weeks. Yaesu FT8900r Review Yaesu FT8900 Review, I have had my radio for about 4 months now and thought I would do a little bit of a review for you. Offering to replace the somewhat dated setup info here with a new setup guide he has authored and available at the link below. 6 18:00 Introduction This document is my attempt to consolidate various sources of information for the TYT Tytera MD-380 DMR UHF 1W/5W transceiver. Sections of this page. com: The M16 4-Way Selector and Suppressor stuff is here. 07 Firmware. 127 modem again. Pi-Star is a software image built initially for the Raspberry Pi (produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation). 09, Version 1. SvxLink is a project that develops software targeting the ham radio community. Apr 14, 2016 · Jason, thanks for championing DMR in the area. 07. The Jumbospot costs about $45 and I’ve heard tales of people getting them for $35. It is the kind of experimentation that certain hams really like. FT-7800R Transceiver pdf manual download. Have an open source project and need a group to discuss it? Groups. MMDVM and Pi-Star supports POCSAG. 1- drilled May 20, 2019 · Jumbo SPOT RTQ Mini MMDVM Hotspot Expansion Spot DMR P25 YSF Radio Station Wifi Digital Voice Modem Raspberry Pi Zero W Android. 9. 4" MMDVM Screen This is the complete file for the Nextion screen layout I designed. DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and uses the Motorola TRBO protocol for communications. Ham, Amateur Radio, Radio Communication, Consumer Electronics. To get the stick in to bootloader mode if all else has failed connect the jumper as shown above WorldwideDX is an online Amateur Radio site with dedicated members who discuss the use of HF, VHF, UHF, and Satellite Ham Radio Stations, Equipment Reviews, Antennas, Accessories, Radio Modifications, and CB Radio. In this series of posts we take a look at building a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) repeater for amateur radio use on the 70cm band (UHF). 77 inch color TFT display. That CPS also programs the HT750, 1250, 1550, MTX, EX-500 and EX-600 handhelds. If in doubt contact the person in charge of your radio system or the Motorola dealer who supplied the equipment. The G4KLX MMDVM software is very flexible, open source and continuously being improved. Actually this very transceiver was used as an echolink node for approx 2 years 24/7 with no issues at all, even though the transceiver was located in a hot and humid room during the summer that the air temp was reaching 37C! MMDVM and Pi-Star is really geared toward largely simulating the repeaters of the larger modes. Well OK To Update the Software Package on the Micro-Node to the Latest Version open the Micro-Node ADMIN program on your browser. MOTOTRBO has a few more features than a standard DMR radio including IP Site Connect, which we use to network our repeaters in the USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Romania, Chile, and The An easy and portable way to get on the air with PSK-31, RTTY and CW no computer required! The NUE-PSK is a small 7" x 4" x 1" standalone, battery-operated digital modem using a graphic display for transmit and receive text data, as well as for showing band spectrum and tuning. Enter your DMR ID into the general settings when you program these codeplugs into your radio. What does this mean? Remixing or Changing this Thing is allowed. completely self-contained digital hotspot supporting DMR, Dstar, P25 and System Fusion communications. View and Download Yaesu FT-991A instruction manual online. Moonraker was established in 1978. I then soldered on the pins to enable FW update (Please see my past article "MMDVM JumboSPOT board: Mods you may need" Also you can see the TCXO at X1 which under magnification shows it the 14. So far there have been excellent results with the Motorola GM350 radios. Out of band is similar to the GP320/340 series. Also, that you have had some experience with the Raspberry pi. Just plug in a standard PS2 keyboard and connect to an SSB-capable transceiver like the FT-817 or the Hi folks, I hope this has not been on the board before: I would like to run all 5 hotspots I have with Pi-Star iso MMDVMHost in the future. io is Free. Our net currently resides on the Barron repeater with a frequency of 146. Jan 21, 2014 · FT-7800R Programming Lead (CI-V adapter lead) January 21, 2014 by admin. mmdvm mods